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Spicy Michelada

Okay so before you run from this drink WAIT! I know there are some things you might not have heard of but I promise you can easily find these items. Chamoy is a sauce/condiment made of pickled fruit. It has a flavor similar to tamarind and it is also has a citrus zing. Tajin is a powdered topping made of chile powder, lime flavor, and salt. Tajin is great sprinkled over cucumbers. You can find Chamoy and Tajin in the Hispanic section of your local grocery store or visit a local Mexican store and I’m sure someone will find it for you.


Light Beer (Corona, Bud Light, Dos Equis)




Start by making a rim coating for your glass. In a plate add enough Chamoy that you can dip the whole circumference of your glass. In another bowl sprinkle Tajin in a circle the same circumference as your glass. First dip in Chamoy then dip in Tajin.

Next juice one half of a lime into your glass. Then add 1 tsp of Chamoy and 1 tbsp of Tajin.

Slowly pour your favorite light beer. The beer will bubble from the salt in the Tajin.

Enjoy your Michelada!

Notes: I hope you step outside of your comfort zone and give this drink a try. This was my first drink on our trip to Mexico and I have been making them ever since. The Tajin can be spicy for some so feel free to add more or less to create your favorite Michelada. Some recipes call for Clamato, which is clam and tomato juice, but I prefer to leave it out.



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